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  • Who is TCA?
    Since 1982, we have focused on creating enterprise software solutions, complemented with services that are developed and implemented based on a deep technological and business expertise to meet the operational and financial needs in the Retail, Healthcare and Hospitality industries. This has allowed us to become a strategic technology partner that drives the business growth of all our customers.

Our mission

To empower companies in the hospitality, retail, and healthcare industries through vertical software applications and services to gain control of their business and achieve sustainable growth.

Our vision

To become the largest and most reliable software company in Latin America, by providing innovative applications and services that help our customers build industry-defining companies.


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Why TCA?

TCA Technology

Our technological DNA allows us to push boundaries, by adapting and creating innovative software applications and services to be at the forefront of the industries in which we participate.

Our software solutions are the foundation that allows our clients to be more efficient and profitable with different core systems working seamlessly together and delivering business insights automatically. Ranging from direct operations with their customers (Front Office and Revenue Centers) to business administration (Back Office), we help fuel growth throughout each industry.

Our user-centric, business-driven software technology makes the applications more intelligent, intuitive, and exponentially more valuable for technological investment. As software product owners, we respond quickly to the market and specific customer needs.

Key Features

Industry-specialized end-to-end software applications


High availability oncloud or onpremises

Highly configurable

Seamless integrations with existing technologies

Secure and stable technolgy

Available in any device

Reliable data flows

Appealing and easy to use interfaces


Global vision with a local approach

Accessible and appealing 

Deep industry specialization that allows us to stand beside the best players in the Hospitality, Retail, and Healthcare industries to support their process of business growth. 

We understand that each business and operation is different.
Our company has specialized in creating end-to-end software applications to respond to the unique needs of the Hospitality, Retail, and Healthcare industries, with capabilities and deep functionality for each sector, and without complex and expensive customizations.
Decades of experience, best practices, and thousands of implementations are transferred into our software technology through products, features, pre-packaged workflows, integrations, and analytics that make implementations smoother, simpler, faster, and businesses more efficient and profitable.


We have specialized in enabling independent and group hotels, resorts, and restaurants with complex operations and high standard services through innovative, highly efficient, and effective software products and technology. Our solutions offer a wide range of applications and services to cover guest reservations, hotel operations, groups & events, retail and food & beverage revenue centers, and accounting and finance.

TCA is deeply specialized in:

• Hotels & Resorts

• Events and conventions

• Restaurants

• Vacation club & timeshare

• Wellness


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We develop specialized software applications and services to simplify the complexity of today’s supply chain, allowing our clients to have a better inventory management, supplier relationship management, customer relationship management, product & price management for consumer and industrial goods, point of sales for different kind of stores, demand forecasting, and accounting and finance.

TCA Retail is focused on wholesale
and retail in the following segments::

• Grocery Stores

• Supermarkets

• Department Stores


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We enable clinics and hospitals to be highly efficient and effective and increase the quality and speed of patient care through a family of highly specialized software applications and services that help organizations in the healthcare industry in their digital transformation and turn financial, clinical or administrative needs within the healthcare ecosystem into action.

TCA Health focuses on:

• Private hospitals and clinics  

• Public hospitals


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We generate long-lasting relationships with our clients, by becoming strategic technology partners.

We are committed and obsessed with generating successful and high-quality technology projects to help our clients materialize their strategic business vision.

Our services are managed by people with deep industry, business, and technology expertise so that our customers can get the most out of the software applications, optimize the value of their investment, and maximize their performance.

Installation & Training

Project and software are uniquely configured to specific customers’ needs through a distance, onsite, or hybrid implementation process.



Account Managing & Consulting

Consultants with deep knowledge in products and industry business are assigned to each account to help customers improve and maximize productivity by taking advantage of the full potential of TCA solutions.

Application Support & Maintenance

Helpdesk support to help our customers to have an uninterrupted operation through our software products. 24/7 multilingual service with technicians that understand the in-depth of the business operation.


Cloud Support

Cloud managed services that include resources management, monitoring, information security, backups, and infrastructure restore management.

Software technology
and services to empower
business growth