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Assist Restaurant QR-Code Menu

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    Assist Restaurant
    QR-Code Menu
    Interactive restaurant ordering software application that connects with the POS and allows a quick, easy and contactless alternative for patients and staff to make and receive orders in a more efficient and profitable way.

With Assist Restaurant QR-Code Menu, offer your patients a contacless solution.


Key Funcionalities

Assist Restaurant QR-Code Menu provides an easier, faster and more engaging touchless alternative for customers to order digitally, adding great value to the entire restaurant experience while reducing wait times and increasing overall satisfaction.


- Add/edit items

- QR Code generation

- View order

- Cancel order

Assist Restaurant QR-Code Menu has the flexibility and scalability that restaurants in the healthcare industry need to grow their business.

Some benefits of our specialized end-to-end-applications

Is Web based or on premise technology.

Browser technology that enables Assist Restaurant QR-Code Menu to run on tablet with a responsive and elastic mode to provide the best UX experience.

Offers connectivity anywhere.

Stay in constant connection with your patients with mobile applications designed to improve patient care.

Ensures patient data security.

Ensures the protection of sensitive data and bank information.

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