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Innsist Waiter Mobile App

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    Innsist Waiter Mobile App
    Increase sales opportunities, optimize staff efficiency and improve the quality of service provided to guests with Innsist Waiter Mobile App, as an extension of the point-of-sale system that allows revenue centers to be delivered directly to the guest anywhere within the property.

With Innsist Waiter Mobile App, serve your guest anywhere on the property while dealing with the major challenges of the industry.

Innsist Waiter Mobile App reduces personnel costs by ensuring effective and automated communication with the different departments involved over considerable distances within the property.

Innsist Waiter Mobile App increases customer satisfaction by making direct posts to rooms through integration through the Innsist Property Management System suite.

Innsist Waiter Mobile App improves service times to diners/guests because the configuration sends the orders to the kitchen and cashier automatically.


Key Funcionalities

Innsist Waiter Mobile App is an application that provides waiting staff with the tools to enable them to meet the requirements of consumption centers, regardless of their locations in the different areas of the hotel and without having to move greater distances to points of sale, thereby reducing customer service response times.

  • Supports multiple consumption centers in the hotel or chain of hotels.
  • Assignment of user profiles.
  • Distribution of tables to check availability.
  • Food and beverage statistics by diner.
  • Integration with the Innsist Property Management System to search customers and credit validations.
  • Validation of guest`s digital signatures.
  • Print-outs of accounts.

Innsist Waiter Mobile App has the flexibility and scalability that restaurants need to grow their business.

Some benefits of our specialized end-to-end-applications

Is Web based or on premise technology


Browser technology that enables Innsist Waiter Mobile App to run on PC and tablet with a responsive and elastic mode to provide the best UX experience

Offers Connectivity on the go


Serve your guests anywhere on the property and liberate the staff with the latest software solutions.

Ensures guest, hotel and restaurant data security

Ensures the protection of sensitive data and bank information.

Adapts to the operational environment and Tax compliance of any country and region in America

The Caribbean: Curaçao, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Santa Lucia, San Martin.
Central America: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama.
South America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay.
North America: United States, Puerto Rico.


Innsist Waiter Mobile App Seamless integrations


Innsist Waiter Mobile App is designed to integrate with existing or evolving technologies, enabling businesses to make the most out of their investments. It allows its clients to take advantage of the adaptability and flexibility of Innsist Specialized software applications and any thirt party interface.

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Third-party Interfaces

  • PMS
  • POS
  • Purchasing and Inventory solutions
  • Tax certification providers

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Innsist Waiter Mobile App

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