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    Innsist Spa Concierge
    Software application that allows the guest and the Staff to access the Spa services
    from anywhere in the property.


Key Funcionalities

Service quality improvement by offering SPA management from anywhere in the hotel through a tablet. Innsist Spa Concierge is a mobile application focused on the administration of SPA reservations, where the occupancy of therapists and cabins operated.


  • Visualization of SPA availability from anywhere in the hotel
  • Display of guest information on a tablet
  • Visualization of products and prices offered by the SPA
  • Create reservations and fill in guest information from anywhere in the hotel
  • Modification or cancellation of reservations from the tablet


Innsist Spa Concierge: Has the flexibility and scalability that mid-size to large independent or extensive international hotel chains need to grow their business.

Is Web based or on premise technology

Browser technology that enables Innsist SPA Concierge to run on PC and tablet with a responsive and elastic mode to provide the best UX experience.

Offers Connectivity on the go

Ensures guest, hotel and restaurant data security

Ensures the protection of sensitive data and bank information of the guest.

Adapts to the operational environment and Tax compliance of any country and region in America.

The Caribbean: Curaçao, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Santa Lucia, San Martin Central America: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama South America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay North America: United States, Puerto Rico.

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