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Merksyst Distribution POS Mobile

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    Merksyst Distribution POS Mobile
    Application for mobile devices that allows sellers to place a sales order from anywhere.

Merksyst Distribution POS Mobile is the solution to the major challenges present in the retail industry.


Increases the number of customer visits.

Increase in revenues from horizontal distribution routes.

Increases the portfolio turnover rate.

Simplifies the sales process on mobile devices.

Reduces investment costs in specialized equipment for vendors.

Reduces errors in customer order fulfillment.

Facilitates technology adoption and training processes.


Key Funcionalities

Merksyst Distribution POS Mobile is the solution for mobile devices that enables salespeople, under previous planning, to place a sales order that will be managed by the distribution center for delivery to the customer.

- Management of daily schedule of visits per salesperson. 

- Plotting the day's agenda on a map with geolocation. 

- Sales intake to scheduled and unscheduled customers. 

- Sales intake for new customers. 

- Sale of products per package. 

- Sale of products by price range. 

- Promotions by price. 

- Promotions by % of prices.

- Credit validation.

- Management and authorization of special prices to customers.

- Voucher printing.

- Customer collection management.

- Route traceability.

Distribution POS Mobile allows you to improve customer satisfaction and reduce errors in your business transactions.

Some benefits of our specialized end-to-end-applications

Improve customer price management, sales reporting, orders, and back order.

Reduces operating costs.

Decreases loss of income due to shrinkage.

Greater control of your daily operations.

Improve control of your sales force's activities.

Optimize shipping routes.

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