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Merksyst Kiosks Pre-Order

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    Merksyst Kiosks Pre-Order
    It is the perfect solution for users and/or customers to conclude the payment at self-service checkouts and/or sales counters.

Merksyst Kiosks Pre-Order is the solution to the major challenges present in the retail industry.


Increases the speed of customer service.

Decreases loss of business due to theft and shrinkage of uncollected products.

Helps traceability of execution times of store operations.

Facilitates technology adoption and training processes.


Key Funcionalities

Merksyst Kiosks Pre-Order is the solution operated by users and/or customers for the management of a sales order that can conclude its collection at a self-service checkout line and/or sales counters, ideal for processes with delivery areas within its operation flow.

- Touch interface. 

- Simple capture (Article quantity). 

- Handling of weighing products. 

Merksyst Kiosks Pre-Order allows you to increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction and reduce errors in your business transactions.

Some benefits of our specialized end-to-end-applications

Reduces waiting time in service and collection lines.

Improved control of merchandise delivery at counters.

Reduces operating costs.

Decreases personnel in sales processes.

Reduces human errors by personnel at the time of order picking.

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