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Merksyst Loss Prevention

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    Merksyst Loss Prevention
    Reports that allow you to decrease losses and increase profit preservation activities and practices.

Merksyst Loss Prevention is the solution to get the most out of your operation's data.


Obtains timely information on your business operations.

Increases agility in decision making.

Increases operating efficiency.

Increases proactivity in audit processes.

Increases proactivity in control processes.

Eliminates business losses due to suspicious transactions.

Facilitates technology adoption and training processes.


Key Funcionalities

Merksyst Loss Prevention is the solution that encompasses a set of indicators referring to actions and practices for the preservation of profits. They are aimed at avoiding losses and business costs caused by human actions, whether unintentional or deliberate.

- KPI's of inventory operations. 

- KPI's of sales operations. 

- KPI's of value control operations. 

Merksyst Loss Prevention allows you to make the best use of the information generated during the operation of your business.

Some benefits of our specialized end-to-end-applications

Increases the protection of your business assets.

Increases the effectiveness of the daily operation.

Improve decision making through effective business intelligence.

Reduces human errors in the operation.

Increases detection of personnel responsible for fraud.

Reduces loss of value in daily operations.

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