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Merksyst Payroll

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    Merksyst Payroll
    Manage the salaries, wages, bonuses, commissions, deductions and more, of the company's human capital.

Merksyst Payroll is the solution to the major financial and administrative challenges of the retail industry.


Simplifies the processes of managing, calculating and printing payroll receipts.

Reduces the incidence of errors in calculations and recording of incidents.

Increases security in terms of compliance with the law.

Increases user productivity by automating payroll and human resources management processes.

Facilitates technology adoption and training processes

Key Funcionalities

Merksyst Payroll is the solution for the administration and management of the time that the human capital dedicated to the provision of services for the company, determining the financial records of employee salaries, including wages, bonuses and deductions.

- Human resources management module. 

- Management and administration of prospect files. 

- Registration and administration of courses and skills of employees and prospects. 

- Automatic calculation of integrated daily wage. 

- Attendance control module. 

- Scheduling profile and/or employees. 

- Automatic generation of incidents. 

- Management of several employer registries. 

- Definition of calculation rules by type of payroll. 

- Issuance of physical and fiscal receipts. 

- Integration of fund dispersion. 

- Automatic generation of movements for IMSS. 

Merksyst Payroll

allows you to increase efficiency in managing the payroll of your company's human capital.

Some benefits of our specialized end-to-end-applications

Increases the efficiency of personnel administration.

Reduces losses due to human error in the operation.

Facilitates integration with government and financial regulations.

Improved control of personnel performance.

Increases efficiency in hiring and training processes.

Increases the fulfillment of objectives and the taking of actions that provide greater value to the company.

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