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Merksyst POS Counter

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    Merksyst POS Counter
    Personalized sales management application that encourages consumption and increases the average ticket.

Merksyst POS Counter is the solution to the major challenges present in the retail industry.


Increases a customer's average ticket.

Increases revenue from the sale of new products.

Increases customer satisfaction.

Increase your attention span.

Improve the customer's buying experience through consultative selling.

Reduces operating costs.

Reduces time and costs in petty cash management.

Decrease management time in the sales conversion of a customer's quotation process.

Increases inventory turnover.

Enhances sales force capabilities.

Decreases the loss of sales of products out of stock.

Reduces loss of business due to the sale of products with stock in other branches.

Facilitates technology adoption and training processes.


Key Funcionalities

Merksyst POS Counter is the solution for personalized sales order management that aims to improve the customer's shopping experience and increase business sales. It empowers the operator with an application that provides information and statistics on customer consumption and purchase frequency and consolidates a consultative sales session complemented by information on products, services, prices and sales alternatives.

- Customer price list. 

- Quotations. 

- sales invoicing. 

- Sale of complementary items. 

- Sale of supplementary items. 

- Display of stock vs. available stock. 

- Registration of lost sales due to stock out. 

- Customer's purchase history. 

- Customer-product purchase history. 

- Visualization of product images. 

- Intuitive description search. 

- Interface for bank card payments. 

- Interface for sale and collection of electronic services. 

- Integration with loyalty programs. 

- Sections. 

- Payment of purchases and expenses. 

Merksyst POS Counter allows you to increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction and reduce errors in your business transactions.

Some benefits of our specialized end-to-end-applications

Improve the customer experience through tailored offerings, according to the customer profile.

Improve the commercial strategies of the business thanks to the statistical sales information available by customer, product, branch, among others.

Increases the movement of merchandise in low rotation products.

Increases effective communication between branches and central offices.

Simplifies administrative processes, eliminating the need for petty cash management at the branch office.

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