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Merksyst POS Department Store

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    Merksyst POS
    Department Store
    Application that manages the cash registers of a multi-sales floor store; it provides speed in cash collection, increases customer satisfaction, manages the intervention of salespeople and more.

Merksyst POS Department Store is the solution to the major challenges present in the retail industry.

Increases the average ticket of each customer.

Increases income from financial services for the management of revolving credit.

Decreases the waiting time of customers in the collection process.

Reduces capture errors.

Reduces time and costs in petty cash management.

Increases inventory turnover.

Increase your attention span.

Reduces loss of business due to the sale of products with stock in other branches.

Facilitates the determination of sales floor salesperson commissions.

Facilitates technology adoption and training processes.


Key Funcionalities

Merksyst POS Department Store is the solution for cash management in multi-sales floor and with multiple interventions from different vendors that incorporates international standards in terms of high availability point of sale.

This application provides speedy checkout with the objective of decreasing checkout line wait time and increasing customer satisfaction with the shopping experience.

- Collection of a sale. 

- Background registration. 

- Shift management. 

- Cash count. 

- Paragraph management 

- Interface for the sale and collection of electronic services. 

- Interface for the electronic collection of bank cards. 

- Payment of purchases and expenses. 

- Integration with loyalty programs. 

- Integration with the promotions’ module. 

- Integration with accounting and credit modules. 

- Returns management from the cash register. 

- Sales invoicing. 

- Departmental credit. 

Merksyst POS Department Store allows you to increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction and reduce errors in your business transactions.

Some benefits of our specialized end-to-end-applications

Satisfies the needs of different segments, operations and countries

It offers great configurability to adapt to any type of operation or administration in retail, and allows easy connection with other third-party softwares.

Assist in identifying opportunities that will help your business grow

Our Software technology enhances the ability to visualize data generated across the entire business to drive informed decisions that improve the results and accuracy of business strategy.

Securely connect the entire organization across multiple points of sales

Eliminating silos, increasing visibility, efficiency, and profitability, with an operational and administrative software ecosystem in the cloud or on-premises.

Enhance customer experience and promotes staff success

Available on any device with appealing interfaces, our software unifies all areas of the company in a shared and accessible environment.

Provide the flexibility to easily scale as your organization grows

Whether it’s a new brand, or a store, our software is prepared to accompany the growth process.

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