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Merksyst Procurement

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    Merksyst Procurement
    Manage procurement processes and negotiation of merchandise from suppliers.

Merksyst Procurement is the solution to the major challenges present in the Procurement processes in the retail industry.


Increased profitability of distribution centers.

Increases inventory productivity.

Enables information to capitalize on the maximum benefits of suppliers for the organization.

Anticipates loss of business due to shrinkage or obsolete inventory.

Reduces Procurement costs.

Anticipates possible losses due to lost sales.

Reduces fraud due to unnecessary purchases.

Simplifies the demand planning process.

Anticipate customer demand.

Increases control of inventory levels in the branches.

Facilitates technology adoption and training processes.


Key Funcionalities

Merksyst Procurement is the solution for the administration and management of merchandise procurement processes and the conditions and negotiations with suppliers.

- Demand planning based on mathematical algorithms. 

- Management of local purchases. 

- Management of credit and cash purchases. 

- Generation of consumption statistics. 

- Classification of inventory according to the level of displacement. 

- Sending purchase orders over the Internet. 

- Distributed purchase order management. 

- Management of pre-distributed purchase orders. 

- Management of operations between subsidiaries. 

Merksyst Procurement allows you to reduce costs and increase productivity in your Procurement process.

Some benefits of our specialized end-to-end-applications

Reduces internal operating costs by having a supplier selection process that evaluates suppliers according to the operation's needs.

Improves warehouse and assortment controls by establishing requisition and approval processes.

Improve the quality of products, services and materials purchased by coordinating the entire process from a single system.

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