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Merksyst - Store Services

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    Merksyst Store Services
    Administer, manage and perform electronic service collection from suppliers.

Merksyst Store Services allows you to eliminate errors and reduce capture times.


Eliminates double capture errors when there is no integration.

Eliminates waiting time in manual processes.

Facilitates technology adoption and training processes.


Key Funcionalities

Merksyst Store Services is the solution for the administration, management and electronic collection of service from prepaid and postpaid providers.

- Receipt collection. 

- Pre-payment card collection. 

- Billing. 

- Block for sales returns. 

- Commission management. 

- Management of liabilities for third parties. 

Merksyst Store Services

allows you to reduce time and errors in your business transactions.

Some benefits of our specialized end-to-end-applications

Eliminates capture errors and waiting time in manual processes.

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Merksyst Store Services

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