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Merksyst Supplier Relationship Management

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    Merksyst Supplier Relationship Management
    Manage and maximize your supplier relationships.

Merksyst Supplier Relationship Management is the solution to the major challenges present in the negotiation and supplier relationship processes in the retail industry.


Decreases the loss of business due to unrecovered negotiations with suppliers.

Recover the margin invested in promotions.

Simplifies the follow-up of financial and commercial negotiations with suppliers.

Increases inventory displacement.

Facilitates technology adoption and training processes.

Innsist PMS is a secure, trustworthy software system that complies with tax requirements in each of the Latin American countries and regions within them through authorized tax certification providers.


Key Funcionalities

TCA Merksyst Supplier Relationship Management is the solution that helps determine the value each supplier provides and identifies the importance to business continuity and performance. It also enables users to cultivate better relationships with suppliers based on organic growth within the business.

- Administration of commercial conditions per supplier. 

- Administration of cash discounts. 

- Administration of logistic discounts. 

- Administration of growth plans. 

- Price list management by supplier. 

Merksyst Supplier Relationship Management allows you to get the most out of your supplier relationships.

Some benefits of our specialized end-to-end-applications

Increases the displacement of merchandise for sales

Increase your revenue from supplier negotiations.

Reduces time in the maintenance of supplier catalogs.

Increases the effectiveness of supply processes.

Reduces loss of business due to stock out.

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