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Assist Electronic Health Record

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    Assist Electronic
    Health Record (EHR)
    Secure, quality care throughout the entire patient care process, with specialized and visually appealing functionalities for doctors and nurses.

Assist EHR is designed to overcome some of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry.

Reduces human error by having customized catalogs by area.

Allows the cashier to adjust the patient's account.

It supports compliance with important clinical and fiscal requirements and regulations.

It manages the traceability of each medical indication up to the dispensing of the same.

Reduces reimbursement time and reimbursement bounce rate from suppliers or insurers.

It is integrated with tools that allow you to streamline the review of patient charges and optimize check-out time.

Complies with tax requirements in each of the countries in which it operates.

It has authorized tax certification providers.

Optimally coordinates the medical, nursing, and patient teams.

Boost efficiency by optimizing flows throughout the clinical care process.

Increases the capacity of attention in the institution.

Provides easy access to patient information.

Encourages better doctor-patient communication.

It has reports that provide quick and easy access to information about patients and their care process.

It improves the ability to diagnose diseases and prevent medical errors.


Key Funcionalities

Assist EHR enables institutions to provide safe and high-quality care by offering a patient-centric tool. This application is vital for the medical staff and nurses to manage, capture, analyze and share, through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, all data and information related to the process of patient care and health, thus achieving a decrease in errors, more accurate diagnoses, and procedures, while increasing the profitability of the institutions.

  • Medical agenda management
  • Administration of service times
  • Duration of first and subsequent appointments
  • Management of arrival time, duration of appointments and identification of no-shows
  • Medical note of the consultation
  • TRIAGE management (3 or 5 levels)
  • Waiting and service time management
  • Emergency medical note
  • Electronic medical record management
  • Medical history
  • Medical notes
  • Medical indications
  • Surgery scheduling
  • Pre/post operative notes
  • Pre/post anesthetic notes

Assist EHR enables public and private sector hospitals and clinics to improve patient care and satisfaction and reduce errors in care and service delivery.

Some benefits of our specialized end-to-end-applications

Technology that positively impacts profitability

It increases the capacity of care in the institution and reduces errors in the treatment provided to patients, while accompanying compliance with important clinical and fiscal requirements and regulations, as well as driving initiatives focused on quality practices, which are directly reflected in the profitability of hospitals.

Offers connectivity anywhere

Stay in constant connection with your patients with mobile applications designed to improve patient care.

Ensures the security of patient and hospital data.

Guarantees the protection of sensitive data and banking information.

Optimizes the delivery of quality care.

It improves communication channels between physicians and patients and allows them to actively collaborate in making decisions about their health.

Improved clinical and administrative decision making.

Decision-making based on business intelligence, integrating industry indicators (KPIs) and an efficient exchange of information between operations (HIS), administration (Finance) and the patient (EHR).

High degree of specialization that adapts to any type of operation.

Supported under international standards and protocols (HL7-Health Level 7, FHIR-Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) that allow efficient interoperability between proprietary and third-party systems.

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