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Assist Hospital Information System (HIS)

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    Assist Hospital Information System (HIS)
    Software application that increases operational, accounting, and financial performance, specifically designed for hospitals and clinics to streamline medical information management and administrative operations. With modules for patient records, billing, inventory management and more, we offer a comprehensive solution that improves patient care, increases hospital efficiency and reduces operating costs.

Assist HIS is designed to overcome some of the healthcare industry’s biggest challenges.

Assist HIS manages, automates and controls all services and actions related to accounts, materials and financial processes of the institution, providing a proper maintenance of financial statements, in addition to offering accounting traceability and correct and accurate information at any time.

In addition to managing all the materials and articles of the hospital institution, it provides traceability of reliable data in the care process, which reduces collection and payment management times, to improve the quality of patient care and the relationship with insurance companies.

Assist HIS enables healthcare institutions to manage financial statements with accurate, precise and real-time information on accounting processes throughout the entire patient care process.

Assist HIS is a secure, trustworthy software system that complies with tax requirements in each of the Latin American countries and regions within them through authorized tax certification providers.

Assist HIS provides accurate information, allowing hospital staff to deliver timely diagnostics and manage proceedings in order to increase the safety and satisfaction of the patient.


Key Funcionalities

Assist HIS records, manages, operates and reports the information generated from patient admission to discharge and covers the charging and closing of the account. All patient information management is securely managed, using patient data so that the institution can have perfect traceability of patient charges and requests from admission through the account balance generation and billing process.

- Inpatient Map

- Admission and Record Keeping

         - Document Control by Client

         - Document Management:

                  - Contracts

                  - Informed Consents

                  - Promissory note

                  - Worksheet

- Emergency Admission

- Inpatient Admission

- Reservation Record

- Nursing Stations

- Supply of Materials, Medications and Services

- Cashiering and Billing

- Quartermaster

- Surgery Scheduling (Operating Rooms)

- Retailing

Assist HIS Allows hospitals and clinics of the public and private sector to increase revenue, improve patient care and satisfaction, and reduce errors in day-to-day transactions.

Some benefits of our specialized end-to-end-applications

Web based or on-premise technology

Browser technology that enables Assist HIS to run on PC and tablet with a responsive and elastic mode to provide the best UX experience.

Make informed decisions to improve the performance of your operations.

Business intelligence-based decision making, which integrates industry indicators (KPIs) and effective information exchange between the operation (HIS), administration (Finance) and the patient (EHR).

High degree of specialization that adapts to any type of operation

Supported under international standards and protocols (HL7-Health Level 7, FHIR-Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) that enable efficient interoperability between proprietary and third-party systems.

Boosts efficiency and reduces costs, providing greater control over the operation

Digitalizes and automates the hospital’s processes, enabling bidirectional information flows that efficiently integrate all operational and clinical areas.

Discover and optimize the true cost of delivering quality care

It reduces medical errors, waste and administrative costs, optimizing the use of resources within each area of the hospital.

Offers Connectivity on the go

Be in constant connection with your patients with mobile applications designed to improve patient care.

Ensures patients and hospital security

Ensures the protection of sensitive data and bank information.

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