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Assist Patient App

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    Assist Patient App
    An application that allows healthcare providers to connect with their patients, giving them the opportunity to have their clinical information, a variety of self-service tools, time-saving features and hospital offers in the palm of their hand.

Assist Patient App is designed to overcome some of the main challenges in the healthcare sector.

Increases sales opportunities in the healthcare network by allowing patients to request consultations and receive results directly and efficiently.

Provides health care networks with the opportunity to offer services to reduce waiting times.

It makes communication more efficient and reduces errors.

Automatic scheduling and programming of appointments, studies and more.

Maintains prescription traceability to optimize drug management.

Enables efficient patient communication with healthcare providers before, during and after their consultation and during their treatment.

Capture, share and provide secure and accurate patient and family clinical information.

It allows patients to access their clinical records.

Builds loyalty to the institution through personalized experience.

It provides and captures valuable information on each patient, allowing the generation of statistical reports to improve decision making.


Key Funcionalities

Assist Patient Online Services is an application that enables the connection between healthcare providers and patients, composed of a wide range of services that benefit communication and facilitate processes between healthcare ecosystems and patients.

- Payment of invoices and bills

- Patient and family profile

- Prescription refills

- Agenda

- Appointment scheduling

- Appointment and medication reminders

- Medication history

- Imaging and laboratory results

- Patient education and information materials

- Personal clinical information

- Hospital services

- Pre-admission

Assist Patient App enables public and private sector hospitals and clinics to improve patient care and satisfaction and reduce errors in care and service delivery.

Some benefits of our specialized end-to-end-applications

Technology that positively impacts profitability.

Increases capacity in the institution's care and reduces errors in the treatment provided to patients.

Offers connectivity anywhere.

Stay in constant connection with your patients with mobile applications designed to improve patient care.

Optimizes the delivery of quality care.

It improves communication channels between physicians and patients and allows them to actively collaborate in making decisions about their health.

Improved clinical and administrative decision making.

Decision-making is based on business intelligence, integrating industry indicators (KPIs) and effective information exchange.

Discover and optimize the true cost of delivering quality care

It reduces medical errors, waste and administrative costs, optimizing the use of resources within each area of the hospital.

High degree of specialization that adapts to any type of operation.

Supported under international standards and protocols (HL7-Health Level 7, FHIR-Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) that allow efficient interoperability between proprietary and third-party systems.

Improves population health.

Provides and captures valuable, accurate and precise information on each patient using the application. It allows the institution to generate statistical reports that benefit administrative and clinical decision making to improve population health, thanks to accurate and recent demographic data.

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