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Innsist Analytics

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    Innsist Analytics
    Innsist Analytics transforms the transactional data generated by our software solutions into a more convenient way to work with plenty of information for better decision making.

With Innsist Analytics, gain better insights from your hotel data and reports to address big business challenges.

The most representative hotel chains in the Hospitality business rely on Innsist Analytics for the most relevant industry KPIs. With standard and specialized reports, maps, and dashboards, businesses can save time and avoid using ratios that don’t make sense.

Innsist Analytics provides a complete overview of your properties and revenue centers, from operational to financial information. This allows you to make better decisions at the right moment.

Innsist Analytics provides visual tools to better analyze the information stored in the data warehouse.

Without accurate demand forecasting, the business cannot achieve the expected success.


Key Funcionalities

Innsist Analytics uses Business Intelligence and Business Analytics techniques to handle historical information, current business data, and to predict the future demand through standard statistical methods. It covers all business areas including financial, purchasing, hotel operation, food & beverage, spa, retail stores, and guest history & preferences.

Innsist Analytics Hotel Operations Modules

  • Rooms Reservations
  • Rooms Revenue
  • Rooms Occupancy
  • Agencies & Companies Production
  • F&B Revenue
  • F&B Production
  • F&B Inventory
  • Spa Treatments
  • Revenue Spa
  • Retail Revenue
  • Spa Production
  • Spa Therapists Commissions
  • Spa Inventory
  • Giftshop Revenue
  • Giftshop Inventory
  • Guests Genders
  • Guests Ages
  • Guests Geolocations
  • Reservations
  • Non-returning Guests
  • Revenue forecast
  • Reservations forecast
  • Room nights forecast

Most-used Ratios

  • $ Average daily room rate (ADR)
  • $ Revenue per available room (RevPAR)
  • % Internet bookings
  • % Canceled reservations
  • % Bookings conversion rate
  • % No show rate
  • $ Rooms revenue
  • $ Food & beverage revenue
  • $ Other services revenue
  • Rooms sold
  • % Hotel occupancy
  • % Room occupancy
  • # Room inventory
  • # Occupied rooms
  • # Paid occupied rooms
  • # Guests per room
  • # Adults per room
  • # Juniors per room
  • # Children per room
  • # Infants # Employees
  • # Employees per occupied room
  • $ Employees cost
  • % Staff turnover
  • % Rooms booked through own reservation channels
  • # Occupied rooms with discounts and house use

Innsist Analytics Financials & Purchasing Modules

  • Financial Statements
  • Revenue
  • Benchmarking o Rooms Division Costs & Expenses 
  • Food & Beverage Costs & Expenses
  • Account Receivables & Aging o Employees
  • Suppliers
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory

Most-used Ratios

  • $ Revenue per booking 
  • $ Average daily room rate (ADR) 
  • $ GOP 
  • % GOP 
  • $ GOP per room sold 
  • $ GOP per available room
  • $ EBITDA 
  • $ EBITDA per room sold 
  • $ EBITDA per available room 
  • $ Net Income 
  • % Net income margin
  • AR turnover ratio 
  • AR turnover in days 
  • $ Employee salaries per room revenue 
  • % EBITDA
  • % Employee salaries per room revenue

Learn more about
Innsist Analytics

Innsist Analytics has the flexibility and scalability that hotels and resorts need to grow their business.

Some benefits of our specialized end-to-end-applications

Is Web based or on premise technology

Browser technology that enables Innsist Analytics to run on PC and tablet with a responsive and elastic mode to provide the best UX experience.

Offers Connectivity on the go

Designed based on extensive hospitality experience and knowledge to provide organization leaders with key information at the right time to make profitable business decisions.

Ensures guest, hotel and restaurant data security


Ensures the protection of sensitive data and bank information.

Adapts to the operational environment and Tax compliance of any country and region in America

The Caribbean: Curaçao, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Santa Lucia, San Martin

Central America: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama

South America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay

North America: United States, Puerto Rico.

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