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Innsist Guest History

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    Innsist Guest History
    TCA Innsist Guest History Central captures all your guest data in an organized manner and centralizes and optimizes it to create a customer history that will streamline your operations, giving you the ability to personalize experiences, increase satisfaction, get referrals and increase your sales opportunities.

Innsist Guest History allows you to get to know your guest to ensure an extraordinary guest experience and helps you meet the major challenges faced in the hospitality industry.

Innsist Guest History provides information that will allow you to create hotel, agency and frequent guest strategies and campaigns that drive sales of hotel products and services.

With its integration of Innsist Guest History to the PMS, it streamlines all processes of reservation, room assignment, check in and even check out, by providing customer data automatically.

Innsist Guest History Personalizes the customer's experience by taking into account their history of tastes and preferences from previous stays in the group, providing all the necessary information so you can pay full attention to detail, to exceed their expectations and increase their loyalty.

Innsist Guest history centralizes guest information and preferences databases so that they are available for all properties.


Key Funcionalities

With Innsist Guest History, you can build a data bese, filter your contacts by groups, brands and hotels, setting values and comparison criteria so that the system automatically updates the data correctly. In addition, you will be able to export valuable information that will be used to feed the CRM and improve the experience of your guests constantly with campaigns, promotions, etc.

  • Create and edit profiles from Innsist Central or from the PMS at the time of booking.
  • Assign a profile or ID to a partner from expected arrivals.
  • Add a new partner in the individual booking.
  • Search for a partner in individual booking.
  • View a member's profile from individual booking.
  • Add or change a member to an existing reservation.
  • Search for a member in guest registration.
  • View a member's profile in Guest History Central from guest record.

Innsist Guest History has the flexibility and scalability that mid-size to large independent or extensive international hotel chains need to grow their business.

Some benefits of our specialized end-to-end-applications

Best UX experience


Is Web based or on premise technology


Browser technology that enables Innsist Guest History to run on PC and tablet with a responsive and elastic mode to provide the best UX experience

Ensures guest and hotel data security


  • Ensures the protection of sensitive data and bank information of the guest.
  • GDPR and PCI compliance in the booking engine that integrates OTAs.

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